Our Exciting News

My first ever blog post! Yay!

We got the news on Friday afternoon that Pav had been offered a job in St Lucia with a leading travel provider. We leave in about six weeks time.

Since receiving the news I’ve experienced every emotion and thought process possible. I’ve oscillated between fear and excitement, euphoria and guilt, premature nostalgia for the British countryside and dreams of sunshine and coconuts. The initial elation has now subsided and we have some fairly practical considerations to mull over. We’ve told our families and friends, and Pav has told his current employer. Thankfully the news was received positively by all.

We need to find a reasonable and reliable international shipping company. We need to close bank accounts, inform our rental agency we will be leaving the country and research our new location. We need to ensure we have all the right immunisations, adequate health insurance and correct documents for processing our visas. What I have listed here is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a gazillion-and-one things we need to do in order to make the transition to our new home as smooth as possible.

The truth is, my affection for London has been draining faster than flour through a sieve lately. The eye-watering cost of living, grey weather and “every man for himself” culture is enough to send even the most balanced pragmatist over the edge. I am certainly NOT a pragmatist by nature and tend to view most situations with monumental emotion. London isn’t the most forgiving place for a sensitive soul. As I’ve gotten older my values have shifted. Instead of all-night parties I enjoy quiet environments which allow me time for spiritual self-reflection. I have adopted a regular yoga practice. I relish simple solitary pursuits, such as Buddhist Meditation or the escapism of a good book. I now value community, kindness and nature over ruthless career ambition or pushing and shoving onto the tube in rush hour. I am hopeful that my new environment will better align with my values.

2 thoughts on “Our Exciting News

  1. Hi, just found this. We used to live in St Lucia and following my time there I wrote a book for accompanying spouses called the Expat Partner’s Survival Guide. This was partly based on the experiences of the women I met on the island who accompanied their partners – some of whom worked with Sandals – and many of whom found settling quite hard as they didn’t know what to expect and received little to no support while they were there. I’m happy to help if you have any questions although it’s a few years since we left. Good luck with the move!

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