The Beach Club, Calabash Luxury Resort, Grenada

We had Sunday lunch at the famous Calabash Resort, on the secluded Lance Aux Epines beach in South Grenada. We hadn’t set out to find the resort, accidentally stumbling upon it on our way to the beach. It was only after a Google search that we learnt of its esteemed reputation. According to the hotel’s website, it has been given a rank of 9 by the CNN Top Ten Hotels in the World and a rating of 2 in the TripAdvisor Top Ten Hotels in the Caribbean.

Boasting attractive manicured grounds and a beachfront location, this resort provides an ideal getaway for those who enjoy boutique-style luxury.


Sadly we didn’t get a chance to sample it’s rooms or spa facilities but I’m sure they would have been wonderful given the hotel’s remarkably unpretentious atmosphere.

We sat down for lunch in The Beach Club restaurant. The restaurant is a mix of aesthetically-pleasing whitewashed wood with contrasting flashes of electric blue. The restaurant is sizeable and there is seating available on the beach. We were lucky enough to catch some live music, which features on Sundays. The resort also has a Gary Rhodes evening restaurant which opens from 6pm.


Before arriving in the Caribbean, I wrongly assumed I’d be difficult to find vegetarian food. Whilst most restaurants naturally seem to prioritise locally-sourced seafood, I’ve found plenty of vegetarian options so far.


The menu at the restaurant was small but varied; including burgers, pumpkin and coconut risotto, fresh fish with salad and callaloo and cream cheese tart. I ordered the Vegetable and Mozzarella Focaccia and Bash Ice Cream of the Day for dessert. My husband ordered fresh fish with salad, and Banana Crumble with Banana Ice Cream for dessert. The prices here are surprisingly reasonable for a five star resort, with the average main costing $22.54 US dollars.

The food took a while to arrive but this was compensated by the excellent service. Staff regularly scan the restaurant for opportunities to top up an empty wine glass or water tumbler.


Cooked to perfection, the vegetable and mozzarella focaccia comprises aubergine, tomato and mushroom, drizzled with melted mozzarella cheese, mounted on either side with delicious salt-encrusted focaccia bread and served with succulent green salad dressed in tangy balsamic glaze.

Next came the bash ice cream of the day. The flavours for this dish change regularly and I had ultra-chic cinnamon, mandarin and lemon favour. My husband had the banana ice cream and warm banana crumble, which I sampled.


We thoroughly enjoyed our food, but be warned, if you’ve got a large appetite the courses here are relatively small. However, their sheer tastiness definitely warrants a three-course serving!










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