Concord Waterfalls, Grenada, Caribbean

Londoners such as myself often have a distorted sense of scale. In our minds, cities such as Brighton and Bath are reduced to ‘large town’ status and we naively assume everyone in Paris must know their neighbours.

This distorted sense of size became evident as soon as I’d landed on the island of Grenada. “My god it is small!” I exclaimed, as my husband’s colleague took us on a short tour around the island’s capital of St George and it’s neighbouring villages. Whilst gazing out the car window, I breathed a sigh of relief that we’d be living on the considerably larger island of St Lucia, whilst envisioning I’d be able to open the back door and holler to my husband at work from our Grenadian corporate apartment. My husband’s been offered a position with Sandals resorts and we’ve come here for his training. We fly on to St Lucia next month.

Driving to Concord waterfalls from St George a couple of days later, I gained some idea of my misjudgement. Stopping along the way to take in various sights, the drive took the best part of an hour, due in part to the hilly and winding terrain. As we passed forest, charming fishing villages and rugged coastline, the journey certainly highlighted Grenada’s diverse landscape.


There is plenty of parking at the site but many choose to walk up, either making their own way or travelling with a tour guide. Bring food with you if you can. There are public toilets and a handful of rustic gift shops, but food options are very limited, with only one stall offering light snacks.



Whilst beautiful, this isn’t Dunns Falls and those expecting dramatic scenes of cascading water over towering rocks will be royally disappointed. However, far removed from the buzz of the luxury resorts below, Concord Waterfalls provides a refreshing swim and tranquil haven in the hills.





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