Lance Aux Epines Beach, Grenada, Caribbean

The Lance Aux Epines Beach is situated in the suburb of the same name on the far south of the island. It is the first beach we visited on Grenada and one of the closest beaches to our apartment.


Whilst idyllic, this beach is probably unlikely to win any of the top accolades from TripAdvisor or Conde Nast Traveller. It is small and narrow, with a fairly uninspiring horseshoe backdrop of marshy hills dotted with cottages. Despite this, it is one of the most pleasant beaches I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. You’ll find a mix of traditional sandy beaches and black volcanic ones on Grenada. Interestingly, this beach consists of a compelling mixture of both, and the absence of tourist crowds make for an unspoilt peaceful haven.

The beach is situated in Prickly Bay but there is a slight breeze, providing favourable conditions for windsurfing. The water is scattered with catamarans but these aren’t close to the shore, allowing safe conditions for swimming.


The beach is home to the famous Calabash resort, a luxury boutique resort famed for it’s Gary Rhodes restaurant and world-class spa. The spa and restaurant are open to the public, and the sun loungers are open to paying guests without an additional fee. The resort may also organise dive trips and other water-sports activities for guests and the public.

One drawback is that this beach is under the flight path, resulting in a thundering accompaniment to your sunbathing. However, aircraft are not frequent in this part of the world, so this shouldn’t cause any significant problems. This beach also isn’t ideal for snorkelling. Swim out a few yards and you’ll be met with a bed of seaweed which doesn’t feel particularly pleasant on the bottom of the feet and invites very little in the way of aquatic life.

Although lacking the world-class reputation of the nearby Grand Anse, Lance Aux Epines definitely deserves a feature on any Grenada itinerary.











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