My Labour Case

At the bottom of my bed currently lies a huge black suitcase which would have you thinking I was about to head off on a month-long cruise of the Mediterranean. Sadly no, this is my labour case. Thanks to the NHS’ extensive packing list it’ll now need two people to haul it downstairs.

My labour case has been a work in progress. I started it at about 28 weeks and I’ve been slowly adding to it ever since. I’ve packed most things which were suggested on the NHS website and had a few ideas of my own. Snacks took top priority for my husband and I, as we’re both a nightmare if we’re hungry! Most things are now packed and ready to go, some things I’ll add just before heading to the hospital.

dsc_0549Gorgeous warm baby clothes from John Lewis Baby.

Here’s my full list (Be warned, it’s lengthy):


Dressing gown



Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear book by Elizabeth Gilbert



Extra pillows – apparently the ones in the hospital don’t provide much comfort!

Mobile phone and charger

Hypnobirthing music

Meditation music

SLR camera and lenses

Make up


My beloved SLR – for capturing those first special moments


Lip balm – apparently your lips can become chapped and irritated during labour.

Maternity notes

Car seat

Pen – Kingston hospital get you to fill out a feeding chart after birth and have already warned me that they are possessive over their pens!

Medela breastfeeding bottles – Unlike ordinary bottles, Medela bottles require babies to mimic the sucking action they’d use for the breast. Nevertheless, I’ve been strongly advised by the feeding team at Kingston not to use any type of bottle of dummy until I’ve established breastfeeding. This usually takes about six weeks. I packed them as a precaution, should in case I struggle to breastfeed.

Hipp Organic 1 formula milk – Also packed as a precaution, should in case I struggle to breastfeed.

Cotton wool pads – The midwife told me baby wipes should go no where near a newborn’s skin.

Maternity underwear

Maternity pads

Breast pads

Eye mask

Face wipes

Ear plugs

dsc_0556My phone which contains all my hypnobirthing and meditation music


Nail scissors


Shower gel

Dental floss


Nipple cream

Hair products





Handheld fan

Warm babygrows

dsc_0547I’ve bought most of my toiletries in minature size for convenience

Winter bodysuits

Baby cardigan

Baby socks

Baby hats

Muslin squares

Baby blanket





TENS machine

Nursing bras



Warm and comfortable nursing dresses from JoJo Maman Bebe – I’ve lived in skinny jeans for the past couple of months but imagine these would be fairly uncomfortable after giving birth, so I’ve packed three nursing dresses specifically designed for breastfeeding which I’ll pair with black soft tights.

dsc_0534Comfortable nursing clothes from high street retailer JoJo Maman Bebe

What has everyone else got on their list? Is there anything mamas with more experience can advise me on? Is there a ‘must have’ item which I’ve forgotten?

For all the mummies-to-be who are reading this, have fun packing your case and the very best of luck! 


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